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Keenon headshot 2020.jpg

My name is Keenon Ferrell. I'm a digital animator and illustrator based in NYC.I love making art that is full of depth and emotion. I also like artwork inspired by music, fashion, and sports.  


I'm a proud traditional cel animator. I specialize in frame by frame, but I’m also a 2d motion designer. From graphics to character animation, it's who I am. 


I’ve been fortunate to have a freelance career since I’ve graduated from the School of Visual Arts, working with a multitude of studios in NYC and around the country. Some include top studios such as Vanyer Media, Dress Code, Squadron in LA, among others. I’ve done everything from character design work, cell animation and motion design. Clients have included Apple, Netflix, Chase, Stella Artois, and more.   


I recently signed to be represented by Illo Illustration Agency, which has opened the world of literary books for me. I’ve had the privilege of illustrating books for publications such as Harper Collins and Macmillan. It is such a joy seeing children from all over interacting and affected by my art.  


My website is my personal space where I put up any and everything. It's been my baby since I made it. I'm proud of it, so I hope you like it. If there's anything that you see that you like, send me an email and ask me about! If you want to work together, email me that too. Something on your mind I didn't list?? You guessed it, email!




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