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The Temple of Knowledge



This was a short film for StoryCorps about a boy that lived in one of New York City's Public Library's. We decided to go for a painterly children's book aesthetic for the look of the film. Really enjoyed using lots of warm colors to reference the warmth and comfort that the library provided for the family that lived there.


Below are the layouts that I painted and designed for the animators as well as character exploration.

temple of knowledge.jpg
BG04_lowangle library shot_final.jpg
shot 7 pan .jpg
ROn design (1).jpg
Ray (dad) charater turn.jpg

Directed by: Richard O’Connor

Executive Producer: Dave Isay

Producers: Rachel Hartman & Shelley Gorelik

Audio Produced by: Liyna Anwar

Supervising Sound Recordist: Naomi Blech

Animation by: Ace & Son Moving Picture Co., LLC Design: Keenon Ferrell

Animators: Pilar Newton & Taisiya Zaratskaya

Art Production: Ash Syzmanik, Natalie Greene, & Morgan Miller Original Music: Joshua Abrams

Music Performed by: Joshua Abrams, Hamid Drake, Marquis Hill, Emmett Kelly, & Adam Thornburg

Music Mixed by: Joshua Abrams & Neil Strauch

Special Thanks: Ronald Clark & Jamilah Clark

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